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Now you can read your favorite journals from work in an easy-to-use app for your iPad!

Download the OvidToday? app from Wolters Kluwer to browse, read and save articles from any current journal issue available from your university, hospital or institution?s Ovid subscription.
? Stay current with the latest journal content in your specialty or browse journals in other fields
? Create a collection of favorite journals
? Add articles to a personal reading list for later use, even offline
? Access multiple issues as well as Publish Ahead of Print
? Quickly find journals by searching journal name, A-Z or browsing categories
? Read the PDF of any article anywhere - at home or work with remote authentication

Baystate Health Sciences Library paid licensed app ? Please see the Library Apps Webpage for detailed instructions.

Additional Information

App version: 2.0.0


Android devices:
4.4 and up

IOS devices:
6.0 or later


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