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iOS 9 users, click for required steps


After app is downloaded from Apple App store, return to this page and click on "activate praxify" link below to launch app.

Activate praxify App

Are you a physician tethered to your EHR? Do you spend more time with your laptop screen than with your patients? Introducing praxify, an intuitive, easy-to-use mobile solution that allows you to securely interact with patient charts in the hospital, or on the go. Built for a seamless experience on the iPhone or iPad.

Key benefits of praxify are:

- Use your existing CIS credentials along with TouchID and FaceID

- Use praxify to have real-time access to patient's latest vitals, results, and notes during rounding

- No need to compromise personal life when on call; have access to patient medical records anytime, anywhere.

- Manage your clinical inbox

- Show lab and imaging results to patients during rounding

- Use natural speech to text capability to add quick addendum to resident notes

Additional Information

Version: 2.1.5


iOS12.0 and above is recommended for best usage
iOS11.3 works too but some third-party integrations in app might cause some issues.
iPhones 6 and above.
All iPads, except smaller form factors like iPad mini (processing power of newer generation iPads help experience the app better).
praxify does not work on android devices


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