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Risk Management Anita Sarro, RN, MS, JD
Medical Marijuana Regulations in Massachusetts 2015 Sep
End of Life Care
Risk Management
Diane Dietzen, MD
Medical Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment 2015 Feb
End of Life Care
Risk Management
Eldrin Lewis, MD, MPH, FACC
End of Life Discussions in Advanced Heart Failure 2014 Nov
Healthcare Quality Karin Johnson, MD
Sleep Deprivation During Graduate Medical Education 2014 Apr
Pain Management
Risk Management
David Casavant, MD
Pediatric Pain Management 2014 Apr
End of Life Care
Risk Management
Richard Goldstein, MD
Pediatric Primary Palliative Care 2014 Feb
Women’s Health
David Desilets, MD, PhD
Gender-Specific Issues in Gastrointestinal Health 2014 Jan
Healthcare Quality Roxanne Chamberlain, MBA, CPMSM, CPCS
Medical Staff Orientation 2013 Oct
Infectious Disease Eric Granowitz, MD
Highlights of the 2013 Infectious Disease Literature 2013 Aug
Anesthesia Ken Solt, MD
Activation of CNS Arousal Pathways to Induce Emergence from General Anesthesia 2013 Jun
Endocrinology Chelsea Gordner, DO, MPH
Type 2 Diabetes in Children and Adolescents 2013 May
Oncology Pooja Motwani, MD
PSA as a Screening Test for Prostate Cancer 2013 Apr
Wound Care Mark Hirko, MD
Diabetic Foot Ulcers and Vascular Surgery 2013 Mar
End of Life Care
Risk Management
Paul Walting, MD
End of Life Decisions in Brain Death 2013 Mar
Risk Management Evan Benjamin, MD
Communication, Apology, and Resolution After an Adverse Event 2013 Jan
End of Life Care
Risk Management
Gina Barry, JD
Legal Issues at End of Life 2013 Jan
Healthcare Reform James Blankenship, MD, MACC, FSCAI
A Payment Model for Delivering Evidence-Based Care 2013 Jan
Infectious Disease Justine Miranda, MD
Inflammatory Markers 2012 Dec
Risk Management
Gladys Fernandez, MD
Effective Post-Simulation Debriefing 2012 Dec
Psychiatry Gad Marshall, MD
Early Diagnostics of Alzheimers 2012 Nov
Public Health
Risk Management
David Kennedy
A Journey to End Gang Violence 2012 Nov
Pain Management
Risk Management
Maura Brennan, MD, FACP, FAGS
Daniel Carr, MD
Grant Carrow, PhD
Effective Pain Management 2012 Jan
Risk Management Stuart Anfang, MD
Ethical Issues in Dementia Care 2012 Jan
Risk Management
Adrianne Seiler, MD
Inpatient Glycemic Control 2011 Nov
Sleep Medicine
Women’s Health
Genevieve Neal-Perry, MD, PhD
Sleep and Depression 2011 May